The Kingfisher


KF Order Execution Management System and Liquidation maps

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The Kingfisher offers the most accurate and acclaimed liquidations maps in the crypto industry.
You can either use the Kingfisher's maps in your daily trading activities or use our innovative KF-OEMS for a partially automated, and optimized trading workflow.
As traders, we understand that when your money’s on the line, you need an edge. Kingfisher gives you the edge with liquidations maps. We help you find profitable trades that match your risk profile. Using the Kingfisher maps, a trader can accurately place his entry, exit, and stop-loss by identifying areas of support and resistance.

What are liquidations?

The Kingfisher’s unique Liquidation Maps helps visualize where the hidden “liquidation liquidity” is. When a trader opens a leveraged position, it will come with a liquidation price that will trigger an automated market order to close the position when hit. Or gradually deleverage when coming close to this price.
The Kingfisher maps those liquidation prices across the whole market, giving a global vision of where some of the hidden liquidity is.
Traders on unregulated exotic derivatives exchanges expose themselves to additional risk. The Liquidation risk.
When a trader’s position’s liquidation price hit, his entire position will be routed through the exchange's risk engine to cover the trader’s loss.
When only a few positions worth a few bitcoins are concerned, the market impact is negligible. If hundreds of such positions have liquidation prices close to each other, the closing orders compound, and the market impact can be massive. Furthermore, a liquidation can trigger another one by pulling the price just enough and might trigger “mass chain liquidations” across several hundreds of dollars.
Enter The Kingfisher
The Kingfisher is the only service showing you areas where a high density of liquidations will take place.
Those are price zones of high liquidity, fast price action, and general confusion for those not expecting them.
By using the Kingfisher’s liquidation maps, you can
  • Breakout trade
  • Profitably scalp
  • Accurately place your stop-loss and save yourself from a stop hunt
  • Take-profit in areas of high liquidity
  • Optimise significant size execution finding liquidity and avoiding unnecessary slippage.
  • Detect when volatility events like sudden pump/dump will start and fade.
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