Risk Management

The KF-OEMS offer settings allowing you very controlled, effective and safe trading

TP (Take Profit):

Set and cancel a Take Profit. If "Auto" is set, The profits will be taken on dense liquidations areas. Else, it will set a hard stop, as the exchanges would.

SL (Stop Loss):

Set and cancel a Stop Loss.


Depending on the bias set, The KF-OEMS will only start accumulating past the Entry price

If Long and Entry@20 000$→ The OEMS will only hunt liquidations below 20 000$ to accumulate a long. If Short and Entry@80 000$→ The OEMS will only hunt liquidations above 80 000$ to accumulate a short.

Accumulate Until:

The KF-OEMS won't increase or open a position past that price (Bias dependent)

default: -1 (Automated) When Automated and Short Accumulate Until = Current_price * 2 When Automated and Long Accumulate Until = Current_price * 0.7

Exit/Entry Spread Cluster:

This will alter the density of the order grid. The higher the number of clusters, the more liquidation levels will be targeted.

Liquidations are targeted from the densest liquidation cluster, to the least dense. If Entry Clusters is set to 10, the engine will select the 10 highest liquidations nodes within the studied price range, and target them. (Same with Exit Spread Clusters for exits, but the total position size will be split across the exit levels)

Higher Entry Spread Cluster More orders More aggressive entry Lower Entry Spread Cluster Fewer orders Less aggressive entry

Higher Exit Spread Cluster More orders Less aggressive exit Lower Exit Spread Cluster Fewer orders More aggressive exit

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