Welcome to our panel and widget menu, where you can easily customize your dashboard to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Our panel offers a wide variety of widgets, each with its own unique functionality, so you can choose the right widgets for your trading style.

You can easily drag and drop each widget to build your own fully customizable dashboard.

To open the menu, simply click the + on the bottom right

Here is a list of the widgets available we make available :

  • Liquidations Calculator: Quickly calculate potential liquidation points.

  • Long vs Shorts: Get a snapshot of long and short positions on major exchanges.

  • Candle exhaustion indicator: Get a live stochastic indicator on the tape

  • TradingView: Integrate TradingView into your dashboard.

  • BetaPlay: Build indices and analyze correlations.

  • V-Chart: Use our innovative volume chart for better insights.

  • Toxic Orderflow: Utilize our "T.O.F" for a better understanding of order flow.

  • Positions Manager: Manage positions across all exchanges.

  • KF Index: Trade pairs and indices like a pro.

  • Aggregated Orderbook: Get a complete picture of market liquidity.

  • GEX+: Analyze options dealers' Gamma exposure.

  • 🔥Map™ - Liquidation Heatmaps: Get a visual view of outstanding market liquidations.

  • LiqMap™ - Liquidation Maps: Get an overview of outstanding market liquidations.

  • Chart: Display live charts.

  • Trades: View trades in real-time.

  • Trades Lite: Get faster trade feeds with a minimal interface.

  • Stats: Track custom rolling metrics.

  • Counters: Monitor buys and sells by interval.

  • Markets: Keep an eye on price changes and volume.

  • Website: Embed a website directly in your dashboard.

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