Prices are currently set in Bitcoin and are regularly updated

The Kingfisher offers different options, on-demand or subscriptions based.

Depending on which features you want access to, you'll need Credits, Trading sessions, or a Subscription. You can see the details in the table below.

Features available with a Trading Session or Subscription are:

For subscriptions greater than 1 month, a discount applies up to 15% for 1 year.

Prices are currently set in Bitcoin and are regularly updated. Below are prices that tend toward

  • 1h (aka a Trading Session)- 10 Credits

  • 1 week, 29$

  • 1 month 75$

  • 3 month 225$

  • 1 year. 765$


They can be earned through the wheel or purchased. You can use them to:

  • Start a one-hour trading session (1 Session = 10 credits) during which an unlimited number of liquidation maps can be consulted and unlock most features (GEX+, Toxic Order Flow).

  • Credits allow you to pull a Liquidation Map (1 map = 1 credit) for any derivative instrument at any time available since the start of the exchanges' available data.

  • Note that Aggregated (multi) liquidation maps and Liquidations Heatmaps can only be accessed with a Subscription (>= 1 month)

Note: Accounting is done pro rata. An existing subscription will update to the newly selected period and any remaining time already purchased will be discounted.

For example, if you already have a 1 month subscription. Purchasing 3 months will cost you only 2 months, and the expiration will be set 3 months after the purchasing date.

This also applies to OEMS Subscriptions (Premium) the Trading Balance cost will also be deducted for any further increase.


Premium: Allows access to the KF-OEMS. The price of the OEMS Changes depending on how many concurrent instances a user want to activate, and how much capital he would like the KF-OEMS to trade with.

A standard membership is mandatory and deducted when upgrading to a Premium membership.

The Trading allowance/Trading Balance is shared amongst all OEMS instances you Activate and is used in the calculation of the minimum order size.

A low trading balance will make the engine take very small size trades.

Premium: Whale Hunter

  • Up to 3 concurrent instances and 10 000 $USD max Trading Allowance

  • Standard + Limited access to the KF-OEMS

  • Cost per month: 1.5% of the requested trading allowance

Example: A 10 000$ Trading Allowance would cost ...

  • 10 000$ * 0.015 = 150$/month

This allowance could be split among 3 different products like this:

  • BTC/USDT 3333$

  • ETH/USDT 3333$

  • DOGE/USDT: 3333$

Premium: Kingfisher

  • Up to 50 concurrent instances and unlimited max Trading Allowance

  • Standard + Unlimited access to the KF-OEMS

  • Cost per month: 3% of the requested trading allowance

The Kingfisher Bazar

The Kingfisher Bazar offers a wide range of products, aiming at mastering price action, pair trading, and index building.

Each feature of the Bazar is available for 1 month or 1 year at varying prices. Keep an eye out as some of those features are free over the weekends.

How to pay?

The Kingfisher's payment process is as follows:

  1. Top up your account (By either clicking "top-up" or by making a purchase when not having enough balance - it will automatically make you top-up the correct amount)

  2. Spend your topped-up balance

You can follow your Kingfisher Balance evolution at the top of the "Upgrade" menu

Topping up

You can now pay both in Bitcoins and Altcoins using our partner, ChangeNow. We recommend paying in BTC as exchange fees will apply to any altcoins transactions.

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