The Kingfisher

KF - Liquidations Maps

The Kingfisher's unique liquidations maps help you forecast the market's liquidations like never before
The Kingfisher’s unique Liquidation Maps helps visualize where the hidden “liquidation liquidity” is. When a trader opens a leveraged position, it will come with a liquidation price which, once hit, will trigger an automated market order to close the position. Or gradually deleverage when coming close to this price.
The Kingfisher maps those liquidation prices across the whole market, giving a global vision of where some of the hidden liquidity is.
Using one credit allows you to pull one liquidation map for any instrument, any time in the past Using a Subscription or Trading Session allows you to pull an unlimited number of liquidation maps with cumulative liquidations, for any instrument, any time in the past
Multi Exchanges
Bitcoin 31 Jan 2023
Standard and superior adhesion may also access another exchange type called multi.
This choice will enable the collection of all the main market data of the derivatives platform for this instrument.
This configuration is heavy to load and can take up to 5 min to load a single map. The behavior is that the server will send the request and build it, couple minute later after being created it can be served to your web browser client and you'll have to retry later if it's not available. This is the estimated time required to generate Multi map depending on the definition.
  • All leverage 20s - 3min
  • High leverage 20s - 3min
  • Less High Leverage 2min- 5min
  • Low leverage 4min - 5min
  • Medium leverage 30s - 3min
Once a map has been generated, it will automatically align with the corresponding pricing information.

Kingfisher Heatmap:

Kingfisher Heatmap is the ultimate trading tool for crypto traders. With its advanced algorithms and heatmap visualization, you’ll be able to see the market in a whole new way. Quickly identify trends, spot liquidation clusters, and make informed trading decisions. Available for standard and superior adhesion
Two configuration are available all_leverage and the optical_opti
All leverage view provide a long term +2 weeks timeframe aggregation of clusters over time building and fading with the market. This view is designed to take into account toxicity from long term losers that didn't closed their positions or massive clusters built up that will lead to cascading events.
Optical view provide a short term < 72h timeframe aggregation of clusters. They are designed for scalpers and get a quick view on the high and medium leverage liquidation prices