KF - Liq Ratios

Liq Ratios: Streamlining Trading Decisions with Rapid, Comprehensive Insights into Market Liquidation Weights

Available to Pro and Premium subscribers as well as weekly trials

We've designed Liq Ratios with the needs of sophisticated traders like you in mind. This pioneering tool swiftly covers the data from various financial products, providing a comprehensive yet succinct view of the long and short liquidation weights in the market.

Liq Ratios are not merely a widget; it's a streamlined lens that allows you to rapidly ascertain the current state of the market, all through the unique perspective of a liquidation map. This not only saves valuable time but also empowers you to make well-informed, timely decisions.

How to use it?

Filter: One can easily filter out instruments he's not interested in. Leverage selection: Currently, only All leverages and Optical Opti are available. Optical opti will show short-term future liquidations while all leverages will show a rather complete view of the outstanding market liquidations Green/red bars: In there you can see the proportion of outstanding positions waiting to get liquidated, both to the upside (red --> Short liquidations) and to the downside (green --> Long liquidations) Arrows: The arrows on the right side help you see at a glance whether the distribution of future liquidations is rather bullish or bearish, based on the most crowded side, and the overall present quantity. Note that this is very experimental and shouldn't be trusted blindly.

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