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Kingfisher Referral Program


The Kingfisher Referral Program is an initiative aimed at empowering individuals to discover our platform, share their findings with their communities, and reap significant benefits along the way. This program is designed to foster a steady growth of our user base, prioritizing quality and value rather than sheer volume.

Program Overview

1. Platform Exploration

We offer participants full access to our Kingfisher account, complete with our OEMS and latest features. This opportunity allows users to familiarize themselves with our platform, explore its offerings, and share valuable insights with their community.

Please note: This feature is exclusively available to individuals with established communities.

2. Share and Save

Upon enrollment, participants receive a unique referral code that they can share with their community. This code provides a 10% discount on sign-up, creating value for both referrers and referees.

3. Exclusive Vouchers

As part of our commitment to community growth, we periodically issue vouchers to our referral program participants. These vouchers grant limited-time free access to Kingfisher, allowing communities to experience our platform first-hand.

Important: Vouchers are issued on a case-by-case basis following discussion with our team. They are primarily intended for individuals who have a community to share them with.

4. Earn with Us

Partners in our referral program benefit from a commission on the spending of their referred users. This kickback is our way of expressing gratitude for their contributions to our community growth.

Special Offer for Smaller Users

Understanding that not everyone leads a large community, we've devised a special offer for smaller users. Share Kingfisher with at least 7 people and earn a 3-month free membership! This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the platform further and share its benefits with your close-knit group. The referral code also provides a 10% discount on sign-up and you can earn with us as well.

Getting Started

Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with us. We use Telegram for our communications, providing a convenient and effective channel for discussions.

Thank you for considering the Kingfisher Referral Program. We look forward to growing together!

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