BetaPlay: Automated Crypto Market Screening and Trading Tools


Are you looking for a reliable way to screen and find crypto markets to trade? Look no further, because BetaPlay is here to help.


In summary, BetaPlay is a set of automated tools designed to assist traders in making better trading decisions. Developed by a trader who experienced both gains and losses, BetaPlay aims to automate the screening process and eliminate tedious and error-prone tasks. With BetaPlay, you can save time and make more informed trading decisions.

The Story Behind BetaPlay

Once upon a time, there was a trader who started each day by opening FTX and Binance with a cup of coffee in hand. The trader would manually sort the markets based on traded volume, identifying the strongest and weakest performers. Then, using TradingView, the trader plotted these markets, comparing them one by one. It was like watching a boxing match between the strongest and weakest markets, with the outcome already known.

The trader would buy the strongest markets and sell the weakest ones, following the path of least resistance and making money in the process. However, everything changed when the infamous July wick appeared out of nowhere and hit the trader hard, along with many others.

As a developer, the trader decided to research and develop tools to automate the screening process and eliminate the boring and error-prone parts. Spending nearly 1 hour and 40 minutes each day on screening, the trader created BetaPlay as a solution.

With BetaPlay, you no longer need TradingView, CryptoMarketCap, or other tedious tools. Let BetaPlay revolutionize your trading experience.

How BetaPlay Works

Let's explore how BetaPlay can help you screen and identify profitable trades.


Get a quick overview of the market sentiment and flow of money. Which markets have the highest traded volume? Which ones are the strongest or weakest performers?


Create and customize your own watchlist of markets.

Color Codes for Symbols

Adjust the color codes for symbols to highlight the ones you're interested in.

Flow Rotation

Detect market trends and see where the money is flowing.

Trade multiple markets simultaneously by creating your own index or pair.

Basket Plotter

Quickly plot any index or basket of your choice.

Theme Editor

Personalize the chart's theme to suit your preferences.

Additional Features and Future Updates

BetaPlay is continuously evolving to provide an enhanced trading experience. Expect more exchanges and further improvements to enhance your trading journey.

Additional Resources

If you're unfamiliar with concepts such as volatility, correlation, and beta, here are some helpful links to learn more:


BetaPlay is your ultimate companion for automated crypto market screening and trading. Say goodbye to manual market analysis and let BetaPlay do the heavy lifting for you. With its comprehensive features and continuous improvements, BetaPlay empowers you to make better trading decisions and increase your chances of success.

Start your journey with BetaPlay today and revolutionize the way you trade cryptocurrencies.

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