The Kingfisher


Before connecting any instance, take the habit of double checking at least those parameters
Once you subscribe to a Silver or Gold membership, you can use the KF-OEMS

How to create an instance

How to setup your instance

Edit your instance
Basic setting
Save / Save & Run: When making changes, make sure to save or discard them! Using "save & run" will save and automatically activate the instance
Trading balance: This will adjust the base sizes of the orders that will be placed. This is limited by the "trading balance" amount you've subscribed for.
Pair: Select the pair on which you'd like to connect the instance (Future markets only)
LiqMap leverage: Select the config you'd like to trade with your instance. The higher the leverages tracked by the map, the shorter the trading timeframe. Our engine will place orders with tighter spreads. We recommend you check each liq map to visualize which liquidations clusters will be targeted, and try out different configurations while monitoring which orders are set on your exchange account. Select the one that suits your trading style best!
Minimum/Maximum size: Limit the position sizes
Accumulating until: Until which price the instance will accumulate/increase the position size
Exit/Entry Clusters: This will alter the density of the order grid. The higher the number of clusters, the more liquidation levels will be targeted.
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