We provide a buy-side trading solution with global market coverage.

ICHIBOT is a leading global provider of trading technology and financial services, offering unrivaled solutions spanning the entire trading lifecycle for institutional investors.

We offer access to a leading team of Traders with a combined industry experience of over 25 years. Our customers can receive bespoke client solutions to suit their individual needs, coupled with the latest technology.

We track it all One system to manage every stage of your trade. Ichibot PMS tracks your data positions and performance. The system collects and manages the data into easy segments and views according to your bespoke rules.

View historical and real-time information View positions, cash, P&L, or indicators within any time frame, in any currency, whenever you like. Cached data storage allows reports to be quickly generated on the fly.

Fully integrated, a unified platform for full STP New generation PMS is fully integrated with our OEMS to provide a completely unified user experience for all fund trading requirements.

Advanced General Ledger Leading swap contracts tools. Track specific cash flow streams during any stage of the contract. Integrated tracking of P&L indicators and daily accrued interest.

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