Insilico terminal

How to add to your dashboard

Use a combination or leading market data and a professional grade order, position and execution management system. Built by trading and engineering pedigree. Power tools for all, completely free. Documentation available here

Step 1: Create your acccount to

Step 2: Login to the terminal and copy the url on the top


Step 3: Click to open the widget menu

Step 4: Add the "Website widget"

Step 5: Resize it to your convenience

Step 6: Open the settings copy the insilico terminal code, check interactive, close the settings

Your terminal is now ready to use, you can add your keys and start trading

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Insilico Terminal secure?

Security is of utmost importance to us. Your API keys are only stored in your own browser (and not on our server) and they are double encrypted using a key unique to you. This is why you have to reenter them every time you change your browser or device. We don’t store anything about you on our servers other than the email+password you login with (which is held with Auth0). We feel this system is reasonably impractical to be penetrated or hacked. A leak of your API keys like it happened for 3commas is not possible. For further details on security please see this information on Security.

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